Abstract, Realism, Surrealism or all three?

Abstract, Realism, Surrealism or all three?

Just recently, as I begin my journey, on a not so new path, only new in the sense that I am starting to make it my career path later in life.  I have been thinking about this "what kind of art do I do?  Now, everything that I've ever done has lead up to this moment.  I began as a child, drawing people.  I would draw pictures of celebrities and music artists from magazines.  Every Sunday, my mother would take me to HL Green five and dime, pick up a copy of 16  teen magazine, some posterboard and head to my grandmothers for a visit.  My aunt had a big collection of vinyl albums, I also drew inspiration from the covers of the albums.  I would painstakingly draw and then color in my artwork of the Wilson sisters (Heart) or the album cover of the motion picture soundtrack for "Peggy Sue Got Married"  and then prance around my grandmother's house showing anyone who would pay attention and give me kudos for a job well done. 

Fast forward, drawing morphed in painting, (although I still love to draw), went from photo realism, to more surreal and dream like paintings, to complete abstract to now... I am not sure.   

When I paint, I always painted intuitively, I didn't know that was what I was doing, but it was. I would get so engrossed in what I was doing, I had no sense of time.  Especially, during the lockdown while covid was running rampant and I couldn't go anywhere.  I started painting these dream like paintings using ideas and images that appealed to me.  

Sometimes, I lay down paper and collage work and then paint and see what appears. 

Sometimes, I went right in with a specific idea in mind.  

Other times, I drew inspiration from others, and went on to geometric shaped abstracts.  

I also drew inspiration from yoga and yoga philosophy, painting the human form and figures, in the abstract.  

So then what is my art exactly?  I am not coining my own term or anything, I think its a little bit everything.  Abstract, Surrealism, Realism?  Its almost like I am in the middle of all these movements, and I create what inspires me at the moment.  Whether its a real person, or a figure, or a field of flowers or geometric shapes, its my movement, its Elisaism!!! 

Thanks for reading to the end. 

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