My name is Elisa... I am a New Jersey native and am currently based out of West Milford, New Jersey.  I am an artist, and more specifically an abstract and intuitive painter.  The medium I work most with is acrylic paint, although I incorporate other mediums into my work as well.  I was always a canvas artist, but recently fell in love with abstract art, and I work predominantly in this expression, I find it comes very naturally for me to create this way.  My art is a means of self expression, and I find it freeing and liberating, letting feelings flow right out of my being and onto the canvas.  I paint entirely intuitively, making marks, using tools and different texture mediums, and create translucent glazes to add interest to my work.  I am trained as a yoga teacher, and have a passion for Eastern thought and philosophy.  I am attracted to to the bright and bold colors of India and it shows throughout my artworks.  I have a keen interest in Hindu Mythology, I love the tales and have incorporated many into my art.  I also have a love for flowers and they certainly are the subject of a lot of my work .

On the flip side, I have a love for vintage furniture and am an upcycler.  I have transformed many pieces of furniture into a work of art.  

Where you can find me

Facebook @Bluebirdrelics

Instagram @elisaamariart_bluebirdrelics

Pinterest: Bluebird Relics

Youtube: Bluebird Relics

You may also email me at Bluebirdrelics@gmail.com