Artist Spotlight: Lori Mirabelli - A Contemporary Influence

Artist Spotlight: Lori Mirabelli - A Contemporary Influence

Welcome back to my ongoing series of blog posts where I delve into the artists who have left a lasting impact on my creative journey.   This particular blog is about a contemporary artist whose work has truly inspired me: Lori Mirabelli.

Lori is a modern abstract artist hailing from Canada. She primarily works with acrylics, and her art is a mesmerizing exploration of the abstract realm. Originally from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Lori's artistic journey is a fascinating one.

She studied psychology at the University of Laurentian, but her heart was always set on a career in fine arts. Life took her down a different path, leading her to work in child welfare. However, her passion for art never waned. Lori continued to nurture her love for creating through her artwork.

Lori shows her artwork locally and on a global scale. After having lived in Toronto for several years, she eventually, she found her way to the town of Almonte in Ottawa, Ontario. It was here that she decided to settle down, continuing to create her beautiful, abstract works.

Now, what truly captivates me about Lori's art is that her creations are nothing short of fascinating. She masterfully weaves bold lines, geometric forms, and layers of texture into her paintings. What I find particularly inspiring is her adept use of vast white spaces on the canvas, juxtaposed with striking, vibrant colors, intriguing shapes, and a rich textural quality.

Lori employs her own techniques that involves scratching and mark-making, that is similar to my own creative process. Our end results may look different, but there's a shared spirit in the way we release and express our inner selves onto the canvas.

Lori's work, though outwardly distinct from mine, has significantly influenced the way I create art. Like many artists, the act of painting is a way of channeling what's inside us onto the canvas, and Lori's work encapsulates this beautifully. It's compelling, thought-provoking, and exudes sophistication.

However, her influence extends beyond her art. As I navigate my own journey, pursuing a new career and reaching for my dreams, Lori serves as a beacon of inspiration. Her success makes it clear that dreams are attainable, and she motivates me to keep pushing forward.

In conclusion, Lori Mirabelli is not just an abstract artist but a source of inspiration for fellow creatives like me. Her art has shaped the way I approach my own work, and her journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and talent in achieving one's dreams. Thank you, Lori, for being a guiding light in my artistic voyage.


If you're interested in learning more about Lori and exploring her artworks, you can connect with her on various social media platforms. She's active on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, where you can dive into her artistic journey and creations. Additionally, you can visit her website at for a deeper dive into her world of art.




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