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The Art of Surrender: Exploring Watercolor Abstractions"

In  this ever-evolving world of art, there may come a time when an artist's heart finds a new rhythm, a fresh beat to dance to. For me, that moment arrived when I ventured into the world of watercolor abstracts. As someone who has predominantly worked with acrylics, this new medium felt like a revelation and a journey into uncharted waters – pun very much intended.

My Unexpected Love Affair with Watercolors

My love for watercolors has hit me like a wave crashing on the shore – sudden and quite rough, however, irresistible. While my acrylic works are layer upon layer of textures, mediums and techniques, watercolors demanded a different kind of dance. The process was less about control and more about surrendering to the flow of water and pigment.

With watercolors, I found myself having to relinquish control, giving in to the unpredictable nature of the medium. The only aspects I had true influence and control over were the choice of colors and where I placed them on the substrate. From there, it was a journey into the unknown.

Exploring the Depths of Watercolor Textures

Watercolors, it turned out, were a masterclass in embracing uncertainty. Instead of meticulously layering and controlling every aspect of the painting, I learned to harness the magic of techniques like using saran wrap, salt, and alcohol to create texture.

Once I applied these techniques, I would often step away, allowing the art to breathe, evolve, and surprise me. The textures that emerged spoke a language of their own, and my role was to listen and respond intuitively.

Mark Making and Channeling Creativity

One of the most enchanting aspects of working with watercolors was the freedom it granted me in terms of mark making. I discovered that repetitive mark making, those intricate patterns and lines, added a unique dimension to my abstracts. It was as if I was channeling my creativity through every stroke, letting each decision flow from the one before.

A Touch of Magic: Pouring Resin

To elevate the beauty of my watercolor abstracts, I have been mounting them onto wood or canvas and then pouring a crystal clear over them. This transformative step created a glass-like finish that enhanced the vibrancy and boldness of the colors. The result? Artworks that felt both spiritual and ethereal, like portals to another realm.

The Art of Surrender and the Magic of Neurographic Concepts

In these abstracts, I've truly embraced the art of surrender. Each piece is an intuitive journey, with every decision building upon the last. Sometimes, I even weave elements of Neurographic art into my creations, adding yet another layer of depth and intrigue.

If you resonate with the spiritual and almost mystical feel of my watercolor abstracts, if you'd like a piece of meditation art channeled and created just for you, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can discuss how to bring a touch of magic and serenity into your space through the art of surrender and creativity.

With watercolors, I've learned that art is not just about control; it's about letting go and allowing the unexpected to shine through. In this journey of discovery, every stroke is a step into the unknown, and every creation is a testament to the beauty of surrender.

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