🪷Awakening Humanity🪷

A woman with closed eyes symbolizes the world’s long slumber, unaware of the injustices unfolding around us. The birds, messengers of change, arrive to rouse her from her unconscious state.

Tears fall from the heavens, mourning the atrocities witnessed on Earth. The woman’s covering signifies the massive loss of life, mostly of whom are children, but even amidst the darkness, flowers begin to bloom—a symbol of hope and resilience emerging from despair.

This artwork serves as a reflection of the collective awakening happening in our world today, we bear witness to the atrocities Palestine. It calls attention to the urgent need for awareness and action in the face of injustice, reminding us that we can no longer turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. And not only for Palestine, but for all injustices.  


This painting is up for auction, starting now and running until April 30th. Please go to my instagram page and place your bids on that post.

100% of the money made from the selling of this painting will be donated to project - #paint4palestine. I would like this painting to raise as much as it can for the cause. And will be donated in the buyer’s name. The painting will go to the highest bidder. Please like and share this post, every little bit helps.

I will have it framed in gold. 11x14 in