Artistic Exploration Unveiled: A Journey Through Meditation

Artistic Exploration Unveiled: A Journey Through Meditation

Recently, I began an exploration of watercolors. Admittedly, this medium was unfamiliar territory for me, as my artist skills had primarily revolved around acrylics. Though I had dabbled with watercolors in the past, I never truly fell into them until now.

At the outset, I mistakenly attempted to apply the principles of acrylic painting to watercolors, resulting in, well, not quite what I had expected. However, my journey into the world of watercolors soon evolved into a profound self-exploration. I began to question whether I should completely transition to watercolors and cease producing acrylic paintings altogether. To find an answer, I decided to paint ceaselessly and initiated a series of watercolor paintings known as the "1000 Buddhist Project," which remains ongoing. 

As I delved deeper into watercolors, I found myself wanting to explore different techniques and ultimately stumbled upon the realm of Neurographic Art.  Neurographic art is a cathartic manifestation of the subconscious, was introduced by the Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev. Initially, I aimed to adhere strictly to the guidelines of this art form, however, I don’t like to adhere to rules when making art, I just couldn't help but feel the desire to break free from these constraints.  Nonetheless, I discovered that this form of art allowed me to liberate my mind. Each stroke of my pen and brush carried me further into a realm of uncertainty, with the final outcome remaining a mystery until the very end.

With each stroke, one idea led to another, creating a layered textured, intuitive piece that unfolds magically. With every time I finished a watercolor painting, I found myself eager to begin another, often spending hours in a meditative state while drawing and painting. I would meticulously prepare each piece of paper with watercolors, employing various techniques before moving on to the next, ensuring a constant flow of creativity.

During this process, I felt a profound sense of meditation and an unbroken connection between my art and my inner self, knowing that it would resonate not only with me, but also with others. Unlike my acrylic work, which had suffered from creative stagnation, this new path seemed to provide an unending wellspring of inspiration. It was as though my creative blockages were dissolving, allowing my ideas to flow freely once more.

Creating abstract watercolor art, characterized by lines, stippling, circles, and repetitive marks, became a way for me to clear the creative obstacles that had hindered my acrylic work. I discovered that this intricate and repetitive process was a catalyst for transformation, turning my art into a beautiful and evocative. As a result, I found myself rejuvenated and ready to re-engage with my acrylic paintings.

In essence, this is the story of how I began my "Art through Meditation" series, which is ongoing, and has taken on various forms. I've ventured into larger pieces, smaller framed artworks, and resin-mounted wood pieces, each one waiting for its destined owner to appreciate its unique beauty and meaning.

Watercolors and my acrylic work continues to lead me down a path of self-discovery and endless inspiration. It is a testament to the transformative power of meditation and artistic expression, a journey that has rekindled my creative spirit and allowed my art to resonate with those who are meant to encounter it.

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