Becoming a Floridian

Becoming a Floridian

As an artist, trying to navigate through the world of art, I am beginning to understand the dilemma that many artists face when it comes to balancing personal artistic vision with the preferences of a potential audience. It’s challenging to navigate this balance, especially when you're trying to establish yourself in a new market.

As for me, I am producing my passion - abstract and figurative works that are received quite differently in South Florida than they were in the Metropolitan Area of New Jersey. My potential buyers in Florida seem to prefer coastal-themed art, which doesn’t necessarily align with my artistic vision.

However, as I reflect over this past season, as an artist, it's important to remember that I have the power to speak my truth without having to conform entirely to the preferences of my audience. While it's important to consider my market, it's equally important to stay true to my creative vision.  I will continue to research and explore other venues as well.  I know my people are here in Florida.

I am exploring new ways to incorporate my unique style into coastal-themed art. I am beginning to experiment with bright and bold colors and incorporating abstract elements into coastal scenes could allow me to maintain my artistic vision while appealing to the preferences of my potential buyers.

I am in the alternative, during these summer months focusing on furniture painting and explore opening a brick-and-mortar store. It’s a dream of mine to have a space to create, sell, and teach others, while allowing me to remain true to your creative visions and dreams.

Ultimately, its up to me to decide which direction to take with my art. While it's for me to consider my potential audience, I will prioritize creating work that speaks to me and reflects my artistic vision. By doing so, I can create work that will be received well without having to make giant compromises. As an artist, my unique perspective and creative vision are what make my work valuable and distinctive.

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