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Bluebird Relics

Aqua Boheme Giclee Print

Aqua Boheme Giclee Print

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‘Aqua Boheme,' an artwork tailored for the spirited individual who craves a burst of creativity and energy.  This vibrant piece features a bright pink flamingo adorned with bohemian florals, boasting a palette of aqua blue, teal blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Dive into the mandala-like floral patterns within the flamingo's body, set against a teal/aqua blue background adorned with gold-leafed mandalas.

This art resonates with those who cherish bohemian vibes, attracting individuals seeking the fusion of nature and eclectic aesthetics. Someone who embraces free-spirited creativity, finding joy in surrounding themselves with unique, expressive energy that evoke a sense of vibrant, bohemian solace. 'Aqua Boheme' is more than art; it's a visual symphony for those who appreciate the harmonious blend of bold design and free-flowing, bohemian spirit."

As a trained yoga teacher, Elisa incorporates the essence of chakra colors into her artwork, blending beauty with energy. In 'Aqua Boheme,' vibrant hues like aqua blue, teal blue, pink, yellow, and orange resonate with the chakras, creating a harmonious balance. Elisa aims to empower individuals to tap into their strength and purpose and connect with inner wisdom through the transformative experience of viewing her art. Dive into a journey of self-discovery and vibrant expression with 'Aqua Boheme.

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with or without gold leafing

Note: I photograph in natural light 

Made with Love and Intention.  

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