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Breathe - Neurographic Art - Original Artwork by Elisa Amari

Breathe - Neurographic Art - Original Artwork by Elisa Amari

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"Breathe," a Neurographic Art piece created by artist, Elisa Amari. This artwork transcends traditional boundaries, blending the realms of mindfulness and creativity in a stunning display of intricate patterns and vibrant hues.

This artistic journey takes an innovative twist as I channel insights gained from meditation into the very fabric of this intuitive art piece.  Thoughtfully crafted through a meditative process, resulting in a truly unique artwork that resonates with the essence of calm and stillness.

At first glance, its delicate fusion of lines, dots, and stippling, a symphony of simplicity that forms a complex design. The harmonious interplay of watercolors, brush pens, ink pens, and colored pencils adds depth and texture, creating a multisensory experience.

The color palette dances with life, its vibrant shades of pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, and glistening metallic gold. These hues intertwine like the threads of existence, inviting contemplation and connection.

Central to this artwork is the poignant reminder to breathe, a symbol of the miraculous rhythm that sustains us every moment. Our breath, a natural wonder, serves as a gentle nudge to pause, reflect, and embrace the beauty of existence. An intricately woven concept, "Breath" becomes a mirror that reflects the awe-inspiring marvel of the human body.

With "Breathe," I want transcends artistic boundaries, infusing Neurographic Art with a profound message. You are invited to explore the intricate tapestry of mindfulness, creativity, and the art of breathing and let it remind you to cherish every moment and acknowledge the extraordinary gift of life.

Artist: Elisa Amari Medium: Watercolor, Mixed Media (Brush Pens, Ink Pens, Colored Pencils) Colors: Vibrant Pinks, Purples, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Metallic Gold Size: [Dimension 11"inches by 7".5 inches

Year: [2023] Availability: Original Artwork Only - no prints or reproductions will be made.  

You may purchase an already prepared channeled piece of artwork, or you may contact me about purchasing or commissioning a neurographical art piece created just for you.  

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