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Bluebird Relics



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Empress - a spellbinding artwork that beautifully channels the profound symbolism of the Empress tarot card. This captivating piece unfolds the archetype of femininity, embodying the roles of mother, sister, and child, resonating with nurturing energy and strength.

Draped in a majestic pink gown, delicately gilded with gold leaf accents, the Empress radiates an aura of creativity and abundance. Her subtle pregnancy symbolizes the potential for new beginnings and the cycles of life. A floral crown adorns her head, celebrating the flourishing of life and the interconnectedness with the natural world.

Set against a backdrop of intricate patterns, "Empress" invites contemplation of the Tarot's timeless themes. This artwork serves as a visual meditation on the beauty of motherhood, creativity, and the nurturing power within. Allow the symbolism of the Empress to guide you through a journey of growth, abundance, and harmony with the cycles of life. 🌺👑 

30" inch by 48" inch (Stretched Canvases) 

Note: I photograph in natural light 

Made with Love and Intention.  

************PLEASE READ***********************

Shipping: this items will be shipped via USPS or equivalent.  

Please note that this item will ship free of charge in the US and Canada.  This item will be taken off the stretcher bars and rolled in a shipping tube.   Please be aware that you will need to have the artwork re-stretched by a framer of your choice. 

If you are local to the South Florida area, we will be happy to arrange for local pick up, so that the artwork may remain on the stretcher bars.  

*international orders, please contact via email for shipping quote.  


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