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Bluebird Relics

"Yin and Yang" Hamsa Original Canvas Art

"Yin and Yang" Hamsa Original Canvas Art

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Original Canvas Art by Artist Elisa Amari

The yin-yang symbol in the palm of the hand, holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth.   

The Hamsa is a symbol widely known as a symbol protection.   Also known as the Hand of Fatima after the daughter of the prophet Muhammad, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam and the Hand of the Goddess. Very symbol is commonly seen throughout Muslim and Jewish culture as protection against the evil eye. 

8" X 10" stretched canvas 

Chalk paint and Acrylics

Note: I photograph in natural light 

Made with Love and Intention.  

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