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Bluebird Relics

Flight of the Soul

Flight of the Soul

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An embodiment of hope and the divine feminine.  The dragonfly, symbolizing profound change and the shift in self-awareness, speaks of a journey delving into the deeper realms of existence. As she gazes upward at the butterfly, she acknowledges the necessity of change as a precursor to true transformation—a clarion call to our collective awakening.  The world stirs from its slumber, no longer content with passive acceptance and submissiveness. Willful ignorance is no longer conscionable; we are entering an era of profound awareness and accountability.

 Flight of the Soul features an ethereal angelic being figure with her face turned to the side as if gazing at something unseen. A colorful butterfly  atop her black hair, which flows into a dark background speckled with golden and white dots reminiscent of stars or distant lights. Another butterfly rests on her shoulder and hints of gold add a splash of brightness against the overall dark palette. The presence of celestial symbols and the butterfly suggest themes of transformation, freedom, or spiritual journey. The artwork is rich in texture and symbolism, inviting contemplation about the soul's metaphorical flight.

Matted and Framed in Champagne Gold Frame. 


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