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The Pathway - Original Artwork by Elisa Amari

The Pathway - Original Artwork by Elisa Amari

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Title: The Pathway - Watercolor and Mixed Media Art

"The Pathway," original artwork by artist Elisa Amari. The path you choose is always the right one, there is alway Ms something to learn, something to gain. You can always return to the original path should you choose.  Nothing to lose, so much to gain.  

Through a harmonious blend of watercolors, brush pens, ink pens, and colored pencils, "Pathway" unfolds through use of lines, dots, and stippling. This fusion of simplicity and complexity tells a tale of willingness, strength and courage. 

My artistic process takes a transformative turn, as I channel my creativity through the practice of meditation. Each mark is guided by a meditative state of mind, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind artwork  that resonates with both serenity and dynamism.

The color palette of "The Pathway" features vibrant blues and greens, accented with glimmering metallic gold. These hues intertwine harmoniously, invoking a feeling a free spirit and choice. 

You have the option to acquire an existing channeled piece of artwork or connect with me to discuss purchasing or commissioning a personalized Art piece designed exclusively for you.

Mounted on wood 

Artist: Elisa Amari Medium: Watercolor, Mixed Media (Brush Pens, Ink Pens, Colored Pencils) Colors: Vibrant blues and greens, and Metallic Gold Size: 8 inches by 8 inches Year: 2023 Availability: Original Artwork Only - no prints or reproductions will be made.

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