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Queen, Rise, and the Crown: Empowering Figurative Abstract Art Set"

Queen, Rise, and the Crown: Empowering Figurative Abstract Art Set"

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Title: "Queen, Rise, and the Crown: Empowering Figurative Abstract Art Set"

Description: "Queen, Rise, and the Crown" are a captivating set of figurative abstract artworks that are available for purchase together. These pieces convey a powerful message about the strength, creativity, and empowerment of women. Through these artworks, we celebrate the idea that women can uplift one another and showcase their unique talents to the world.

Included in this set is a thought-provoking quote by the influential Oprah Winfrey: "Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fail, it's a stepping stone to greatness." This quote serves as a reminder of the resilience and courage that women possess, encouraging them to embrace failure as a pathway to success. 

Rise:  This piece also features:  Sisters Rise, empower each other, love one another. 

The Crown: This features a powerful woman quote by Ms. Maya Angelou:  Your crown is bought and paid for, put it on your head and wear it."

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these artworks combine acrylic mix media techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation. The satin finish adds an air of mystique, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Whether displayed in a well-lit room or under natural light, these pieces exude their beauty and captivate the viewer.

Each artwork is infused with love and intention throughout the creative process, ensuring a meaningful connection with the viewer.

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Purchase this remarkable set of empowering figurative abstract artworks and let them serve as a constant reminder of the strength and potential that resides within every woman. Embrace the beauty, inspiration, and empowerment that these pieces offer.

Made with Love and Intention.  

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