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Rise Giclee Prints

Rise Giclee Prints

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"Rise" by Elisa Amari

A beautiful and empowering piece of intuitive canvas art that represents positive body image, strength, and courage. The painting features a woman in a relaxed and vulnerable pose, feeling safe and comfortable in her own skin. The artwork incorporates the colors of the chakras, with shades of blue representing the throat chakra and the ability to communicate, and violet and indigo representing the crown and third eye chakras, associated with spiritual communication and awareness. The use of mixed media and acrylics creates a beautiful and textured surface.

This 8” inch x 8” inch Print is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and inspiring piece of art.

choose between a beautifully hand embellished gold leafed print or a simple without gold leafing.  As a trained yoga teacher, Elisa Amari incorporates her knowledge of the chakras and spirituality to create art that promotes self-love and empowerment. "Rise" is the perfect addition to any home or office, reminding you to feel confident and strong in your own body.


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