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Bluebird Relics



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"Serendipity" - Ethereal Artwork Emanating Healing and Serenity

"Serendipity" is a work of art that captures the ethereal beauty of a young woman, evoking the image of an angel peering out from behind her wings or gracefully draped curtains. With her golden brown hair flowing upwards and seemingly extending beyond the canvas, she exudes an otherworldly presence.

Set in a lush garden adorned with vibrant flowers, this piece conveys a profound sense of healing and an aspiration to mend the world. The young woman's face radiates kindness and serenity, inviting viewers to contemplate the potential for healing and unity in a troubled world.

Her gown is adorned with gold accents, enhancing the visual impact of the artwork. Her expressive eyes establish a deep connection with the observer, as if she is extending solace to those who seek it.

Using a harmonious color palette, encompassing brown, red, pink, yellow, blue, and gold, with delicate gold leaf accents. These colors infuse the piece with a sense of warmth and grace, making it a visually captivating and emotionally resonant work of art.

"Serendipity" is a figurative abstract masterpiece, presented on a 16x20 canvas and elegantly framed in a vintage golden wood frame. Its enchanting portrayal of an angelic figure within a garden of serenity and healing creates an enduring and timeless piece that is sure to inspire and uplift those who encounter it.

16X20 Canvas - Framed 

Note: I photograph in natural light 

Made with Love and Intention.  

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