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Bluebird Relics

Vibrant Flourish

Vibrant Flourish

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In this luminous watercolor painting, a cluster of vivid magenta and purple blossoms bursts forth with life against a soft, atmospheric background that blends hues of blue and gentle greens. The blooms are rendered with a spontaneous touch, their petals seemingly in motion, as if dancing to a silent melody carried by the breeze. The painting's free-flowing form and the bold, yet delicate, application of color create a sense of joyful vibrancy. It is a celebration of nature's unbridled spirit, a visual symphony that captures the essence of floral beauty in its most expressive state.

Framing options available for an additional charge.  Please email with framing  and shipping inquiries.  

Artist: Elisa Amari Medium: Watercolor Colors: Magenta/pinks, purple and green Size: 16 inches by 12 inches Year: 2024 Availability: As of right now, Original Artwork Only - no prints or reproductions will be made at this time. 

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If you are local to the South Florida area, we will be happy to arrange for local pick up, so that the artwork may remain flat.  

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