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Bluebird Relics

Whispers of Golden Healing

Whispers of Golden Healing

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Title:  "Whispers of Golden Healing" - Ethereal Artwork Embracing Serenity and Connection

"Whispers of Golden Healing" Captures the ethereal essence of a young woman, reminiscent of an angel, tenderly extending her healing touch to mend both individual and collective wounded hearts. This exquisite composition is adorned with gilded accents, infusing it with a deep sense of serenity and solace.

The central figure in the artwork possesses a ghostly appearance, her skin barely tinged with pigment, while her expressive eyes radiate a profound connection, as though she's reaching out to offer comfort to those in need. The artist has employed a harmonious palette of colors, including pink, quinacridone purple, magenta, yellow phthalo turquoise and gold, with touches delicate gold leaf accents.  These colors combine to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant piece.

Crafted using a mix of media, this figurative abstract artwork is presented on a 16x20 canvas and elegantly framed in a vintage frame. The artist's choice to photograph the piece in natural light enhances its organic and timeless feel.

"Whispers of Golden Healing" is a masterpiece that transcends boundaries and speaks to the human spirit, making it a captivating addition to any art collection. It beautifully melds the ethereal and the earthly, inviting viewers to reflect on the power of healing and connection through its graceful portrayal.

16X20 Canvas - Framed 

Note: I photograph in natural light 

Made with Love and Intention.  

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